Information from ‘Me chan’
Information from ‘Me chan’

Information from ‘Me chan’


Mechan's Room
Mechan’s Room

Me chan’s room(制作途中のスナップから)






 Readin’ Writin’ BookStore さん  *2023年2月21日現在、再び完売となりました。ありがとうございます!次回3月14日ホワイトデー前後に入荷予定です。また近くなりましたらお知らせいたします。

ラケルのものがたり さん(渋谷〇〇書店 at ヒカリエ渋谷8F 内)[英語版]はお陰さまで在庫が有りません。ありがとうございます!現在[漢字にひらがな編][ひらがな編]を置いて頂いています。



 Alf and Lou Bookstore さん (英語版のみ)*現在WEBショップが一時休止中です。


Currently, the following shops have the picture book “Me chan” (private printing edition). Thanks to all of you, “Me chan” seems to be visiting many people, little by little. Thank you very much.

Currently, “Me chan” can be purchased at the following bookshops.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you in advance.
(I am currently discussing a further revised version. This is still some way off, but I will report back shortly.)


<In Japan>

Readin’ Writin’ BookStore *As of 21 Feb 2023, Hiragana and English editions are sold out. Thank you very much! The next shipment is scheduled to arrive around White Day 14 March. I apologise for the inconvenience. I will let you know.

The English version of Rachel’s Story (Shibuya 00 Bookshop at Hikarie Shibuya 8F) [English version] is now sold out. Thank you very much.  [Hurigana version in kanji] [Hiragana version]  is being placed.


<Outside Japan>

Alf and Lou Bookstore (English edition) *The Alf and Lou Bookstore‘s web shop is currently temporarily suspended.


*If you are outside Japan, please contact us directly via Contact page.

PS : This top image is from Me chan’s room (from a snapshot in the process of being created)


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