Hiii Illustration 2021 Competition – Children’s Book
Hiii Illustration 2021 Competition – Children’s Book

Hiii Illustration 2021 Competition – Children’s Book

Uyo Takayama-MERIT AWARD


オリジナル絵本『ミーちゃん( Me chan )』の、その後のご報告です。

Hiii Illustration 2021コンペティションの Children’s Book(未出版)部門で、優秀賞を頂きました。有り難うございます。
しばらくコンペティションはお休みして仕事に集中しなければと思い、昨年はこちらのみ応募していました。以前から著書など拝見しており、ぜひ見て頂きたかった絵本の審査員の方 がいらしたので、今回のお知らせはとても有り難かったです。



*Hiii Illustration 審査員紹介ページより引用


マーティン・ソールズベリーは、ケンブリッジ美術学校のイラストレーションの教授であり、児童図書研究センターの所長です。2000 年には、世界的に有名な MA Children’s Book Illustration プログラムを創立しました。
1970 年代にメイドストーン カレッジ オブ アートでイラストレーションを学んだ後、ソールズベリーはフリーランスのイラストレーターおよび展示画家として、非常勤講師の傍らで長年働いていました。イラストレーションの実践と理論に関する彼の本は、世界中の多くの言語で出版されています。彼は、ボローニャ児童書見本市でボローニャ ラガッツィ賞の審査委員長を務め、フランクフルト/北京グローバル イラスト アワードの審査員を務めています。 https://aru.ac.uk/people/martin-salisbury


Me chan - Cover image
Me chan – Cover image




This is a follow-up report on my original picture book ‘Me chan‘.

I received an award of excellence in the Children’s Book (unpublished) category of the Hiii Illustration 2021 competition. Thank you very much.
I decided to take a break from the competition for a while and concentrate on my work, so I only entered this competition last year. I entered this competition because there was a judge*. I have been reading his works for some time. He was a professor I respected, so I wanted him to see my picture book, too. This announcement gave me a little courage.

I think that making a picture book is a question-and-answer session between myself and the book (and the reader), like exchanging letters in a time capsule…? I would like to continue to enjoy it at my own pace and with patience.
I am still at the beginning of the world of picture books, but I look forward to continuing to work with you.


*Taken from the HIII ILLUSTRATION judge introduction page.

Martin Salisbury
United Kingdom

Martin Salisbury is Professor of Illustration and Director of the Centre for Children’s Book Studies at Cambridge School of Art, where he designed the world-renowned MA Children’s Book Illustration programme in 2000.
After studying illustration at Maidstone College of Art in the 1970s, Salisbury worked for many years as a freelance illustrator and exhibition painter, alongside his part-time teaching. His books on illustration practice and theory have been published in many languages around the world. He was President of the Jury for the Bologna Ragazzi Award at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and a member of the jury for the Frankfurt/Beijing Global Illustration Award. https://aru.ac.uk/people/martin-salisbury