Hiii Illustration 2020 International Competition
Hiii Illustration 2020 International Competition

Hiii Illustration 2020 International Competition

Hiiibrand [Hiii Illustration 2020 International Competition] から入選のお知らせを頂きました。有り難うございます!



Hiii Illustration 2020」国際コンペティションには、世界60以上の国や地域から3899点の作品が寄せられました。2次審査では1215作品が選出され、グランプリ1作品、審査員賞8作品、ベスト・オブ・ベスト20作品、メリット賞115作品、ベスト賞6作品、ノミネート368作品を含む516作品が選出されました。

9人の国際審査員を招いて審査を行いました。審査員は、Anna Goodson、Beppe Jacob、Cecil Galiepie、Charles Hive、Chris Buselli、Joe Chardiello、Marcos Chin、Martin Salisbury、Monica Barengoです。”


2022年に中国の江蘇鳳凰美術出版社から発行される書籍 Hiii Illustration 2020 への掲載と南京で開催される Hiii Illustration 2020 Exhibition での展示でご覧頂けるそうです。関連する印刷物や絵本なども展示頂けるとの事で、今からとても楽しみです。



Hiiibrand [Hiii Illustration 2020 International Competition] has informed me that I have been selected. Thank you very much!


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“The Hiiibrand [Hiii Illustration 2020 International Competition] received 3899 entries from more than 60 countries and territories. 516 films were selected, including 1 Grand Prix, 8 Jury Prizes, 20 Best of the Best, 115 Merit Awards, 6 Best Awards and 368 nominations.

An international jury of nine members was invited to judge the films. The jury consisted of Anna Goodson, Beppe Jacob, Cecil Galiepie, Charles Hive, Chris Buselli, Joe Chardiello, Marcos Chin, Martin Salisbury and Monica Barengo.”

Uyo Takayama-Hiii_illustration2020_e-certification

They will be featured in the book “Hiii Illustration 2020”, to be published by Jiangsu Phoenix Art Press in China in 2022, and in an exhibition at the “Hiii Illustration 2020 Exhibition” in Nanjing. There will also be an exhibition of related picture books and printed materials. We are really looking forward to it.

Last year I entered a few contests that were recommended to me by friends abroad. It was a great experience and I am very grateful to all my friends and the people involved. I will keep this feeling in mind and concentrate on my work for the time being.
I would also like to thank all of you who have always supported me so warmly.