Elizabeth and Riley the Miracle Dog Picture Book Project – エリザベスと奇跡の犬ライリー絵本プロジェクト
Elizabeth and Riley the Miracle Dog Picture Book Project – エリザベスと奇跡の犬ライリー絵本プロジェクト

Elizabeth and Riley the Miracle Dog Picture Book Project – エリザベスと奇跡の犬ライリー絵本プロジェクト



海外の小説[Anything But a Dog / エリザベスと奇跡の犬ライリー]を日本語版に翻訳出版された[トーチの会]の皆さまが、病院や図書館、学校などで、より多くの方に気軽に手にとって頂けるように絵本にしてはどうか?という事で、今回私は絵を担当させて頂く事になりました。

Hi there, I’d like to make an announcement.Today I would like to make an announcement about a picture book.The people at Society of Torch , who translated and published the novel Anything But a Dog (Elizabeth and her miracle dog Riley) into Japanese, asked me if I would be interested in doing a picture book to make it more accessible to people in hospitals, libraries and schools. This time I decided to be in charge of the illustrations.The novel is based on a true story, written by Lisa Saunders, who had a child born with birth defects caused by a mother-to-child infection with cytomegalovirus.
The first half of the book is exciting, with lots of interesting and funny animals and characters, despite the grim circumstances. The first half of the book is exciting, and the second half is sad, but Saunders’ struggle with herself shows us what kind of heart to have when you are in a really tough situation. It’s a book full of gifts that will gently show you the way.The picture book has a different approach from the original novel, and we aim to create a picture book that will remain in people’s hearts for a long time. We hope that many people will pick up the book and learn about the disease and how to prevent it from spreading, so that fewer mothers and children will suffer the same sadness, and so that we can become a kind society where everyone can help each other. This is the wish of the team.

We are looking for supporters for this project and are holding a crowdfunding campaign until 25th April. We have some great deals that are much cheaper than buying the book after it goes on sale, so please have a look. Thank you very much for your support!



Crowdfunding page (sponsored by “Thousands of Books”, a publisher of books from around the world)

Society of Torch (patient group to raise awareness of the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of Toxoplasma and Cytomegalovirus)


PS: Thank you for your support, the book has been successfully published. We are now working on the pictures for publication in the autumn. We’ll let you know when it’s ready. Thank you very much for your support.