Mechan english cover
[ Me chan ] English ver. Cover

国際児童書フェスティバル [NAMI コンクール 2021] にて、こちらの絵本[ミーちゃん]文・絵:うよ高山:[Me chan (Means Miss Me)] Text & Illustrations Uyo Takayama をショートリストに選んで頂きました。(世界95ヶ国 2069名の応募の中から50名が選ばれました。エントリーにはストーリーも含まれています。)



I am pleased to announce that our picture book [Me chan (Means Miss Me)] Text & Illustrations Uyo Takayama has been shortlisted at the International Children’s Book Festival [NAMI CONCOURS 2021]. The shortlist was made up of 50 artists from 95 countries, out of 2069 applicants.
The picture book will be exhibited at the 2021 Festival and part of the catalogue will be published.
I hope you will have a look and enjoy.

The English version is currently out of stock and will be in stock 6 March. Please note that pre-orders are still being taken.

I am working hard on our next book and sending it out. Thank you for your continued support!