🇯🇵Client : ギンザのサヱグサ

新型コロナウィルスによる自粛期間の始まりに、[Stay at home]おうちで過ごそう♪ 応援企画として、作品とメッセージを提供いたしました。
[Super Simple Face Puzzle – 超簡単かおパズル]です。PDFをプリントして切り抜いて、パズルとして遊べます。

Children’s Life style store ギンザのサヱグサ[Stay at home]おうちで過ごそう♪


🇬🇧Client : Sayegusa of GINZA

At the beginning of a period of self-restraint due to the new coronavirus, we provided artwork and messages to support the “Stay at home” project.
Super Simple Face Puzzle” is a puzzle that you can print and cut out from a PDF file.
You can print out the PDF and cut it out to play it as a puzzle, and there is also a movie on how to play it.
*Copyrighted material is protected by law. Any unauthorised reproduction or use is prohibited.

Children’s Life style store “SAYEGUSA OF GINZA” [Stay at home] Let’s stay at home♪