Picture book [Me chan (Means Miss Me)]
Written and illustrated by – Uyo Takayama

Thank you for your interest in the picture book “Me chan”. I would like to introduce the setting and the background of the book.

Me chan-Moving

Inspired by

The main character, Me chan (Miss Me) , is a shy, only child.  The story begins when Me chan and her mother move out of the house she used to live in with her grandmother and other family members. How does Me chan, who is shy and alone, grow up when she moves out? Join us as Me chan changes through one day’s happenings (an adventure for her).

The setting is inspired by the 1960s and 1970s, when Japan was in a vibrant mood of economic growth, but with a modern touch. I personally feel that the gloomy mood of the mid-1970s, caused by the oil crisis, is very much in tune with today’s unstable world. There are so many people in the world living so many different lives. There are many people who go through life quietly and unnoticed. I wanted to bring a sense of kindness and hope to those who read this book through the lives of those who have children and struggle with life in a cheerful way. I hope that this book will provide an opportunity for adults and children alike to think about the diversity of family life. Why is there bullying at school? Why does abuse happen? There is nothing gloomy in this book, but I hope it will give you a chance to think about these things.

I hope to continue the story by focusing on family and social topics that are relevant then and now. In the sequel, Me chan will grow up and deal with school life and other things. (That’s the plan.)


Who would you recommend it to?

I would recommend this book not only to children but to adults as well.
I hope you will read it to your children.


I am delighted to announce that

I am very happy to announce that our picture book [Me chan (Means Miss Me)] Text & Illustrations Uyo Takayama has been shortlisted for the International Children’s Book Festival [NAMI Competition 2021]. The shortlist was made up of 50 entrants out of 2069 entries from 95 countries. The entry includes a story outline. According to the judges’ comments, the judging was based on the “combination of picture and story = expression as a picture book”. This year’s judging focused on “diversity”, which is important now and in the future.
Some of the picture books will be shown at the 2021 Festival and in the catalogue. I hope you will have a look.



Adults said: “It may not be a book that makes you cry, but I read it while crying, That’s warm”, “It gave me courage”, “It made me feel that I am OK”, “It made me feel kind”, “I bought this book when I was depressed, and it made me feel better, like ‘OK, tomorrow too!”, “I can’t wait to read the rest of the book”, “I open the facing page and hang it in my room.”

One person read the book to her three-year-old daughter and emailed me with details of her reaction. She said, “I just got out of nappies and timely, I started playing with the car in the insert, and I see that Me chan and her mother were in this car! We laughed, we were surprised, we were relieved,” etc. Thank you so much! It made me very, very happy!



The book is available at the following bookstores. The first printing of the book in our web shop is now finished. I am currently working on a revised edition. (If you have already purchased the first printing, I will replace it with the new edition free of charge.)

Japan: Readin’ Writin’ Bookstore  (Japanese version)
Overseas: Alf and Lou Bookstore (English version)

Please have a look.
I look forward to working with you.