Picture Book [Me chan]

Picture Book [Me chan]


Mechan english cover
[ Me chan ] English ver. Cover

🇯🇵うよ たかやま が文と絵を制作した最新の絵本をご紹介します。

🇬🇧Here is a selection of the latest picture books written and illustrated by Uyo Takayama.


🇯🇵● 絵本[ミーちゃん] 設定や背景などのご紹介🚪

🇬🇧●[Me chan (Means Miss Me) ] introduce the setting and the background🚪


🇯🇵● 絵本[ミーちゃん]ご報告🌟

🇬🇧● [Me chan (Means Miss Me) ] Report🌟


🇯🇵● 絵本[ミーちゃん] 電子絵本(日本語版)📕

🇬🇧● Picture Book[Me chan (Means Miss Me) ] E-Book (English)📗


🇯🇵● 絵本[ミーちゃん]ミーちゃんの車🚙

🇬🇧● PictureBook [ Me chan ]Me chan’s Car🚙