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Uyo Takayama

Illustrator・ Picture book autor

Uyo Takayama was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and currently based in Kamakura, Japan. She graduated from Vantan Design Institute and completed the Palette Club School. She worked as a fashion designer and graphic designer before becoming an illustrator. 

She tries to keep her illustration work accessible and easy to understand, but she also likes funny things that are always going through her head. Her favourite subjects are animals, people and music.

She hopes to create picture books that express something fun and a little bit futuristic, but deep down it touches the heart, something that will remind the person who sees her illustrations and picture book of their earliest memories. She wants to offer something as instant and unforgettable as possible.


A picture book [Fluffy Riley to Little Elizabeth (Mofumofu Rairii to Chiisana Erizabesu(Roman Numerals)] was published in November 2021 from Thousands of Books.Shewas in charge of the illustrations. She currently working on a picture bookillustrating a picture book to be published by Shogakukan in spring 2022. Also working on two picture books in collaboration with international authors. At the same time, She working on visual illustrations for advertising for several clients.

Her main awards are as follows
2001 Mobile Art 2001 [Stylus Award]
2014 Chapter 62 [Asahi Advertising Award 2013] Second Category Award] Client : Austrian Airlines
2021 International Children’s Book Festival [Nami Concourse 2021] Finalists  (PictureBook “Me chan (Miss Me): Text and Illustrations by Uyo Takayama)
2021 Brightness News Agency [Brightness Award No.22 (Theme : Happiness)] Grand Prix
2021 Hiiibrand [Hiii Illustration 2020 International Competition] Selected (name) 
2021 dPICTUS [The Unpublished Picturebook Showcase3] PictureBook “Me chan (Miss Me)” has been selected



<Exhibitions / Awards / Media>
2000  CWC, the gallery[christmas from the heart Exhibition]
2001 PATER’S SHOP & GALLERY[PALETTE CLUB completion Exhibition]
2001 Mobile Art 2001[Stylus Award]
2001 au+KDDI[Stylus Gallery /Uyo Takayama Exhibition]
2002 ”MONDO FRAGILE”-new fashion illustrators from Italy and Japan-illustration book Published by HAPPY BOOKS, Italy.
2003 ”MONDO FRAGILE”-new fashion illustrators from Italy and Japan-exhibition Patrol exhibition in Milan, Rome and Bologna
2007 pict-web[iLLUSTRATiON BOOK PRO 01]publication of a work
2012 Genkosha[Fashion illustration File]publication of a work
2013 Genkosha[Illustration File]publication of a work
2013 Colors[Japan Creators 2014]publication of a work
2014 Genkosha[Character File]publication of a work
2014 Chapter 62 [2013 Asahi Advertising Award, Second Category Award] Client : Austrian Airlines
2017 Seibundoshinkosha[IllustNote]publication of a work
2019 Hakusensha[Monthly MOE]publication of a work
2020 artbook[ANIMAL2020]publication of a work
2021 International Children’s Book Festival [NAMI CONCOURS 2021] Shortlisted (PictureBook [Me chan (Means Miss Me) : Text & Illustrations Uyo Takayama)     
2021 Brightness News Agency [Brightness Award No.22 (Theme : Happiness)] Grand Prix
2021 Hiiibrand [Hiii Illustration 2020 International Competition] Selected (name) 
2021 dPICTUS [The Unpublished Picturebook Showcase3] PictureBook[Me chan(Miss Me)]has been selected

<Literary works>
2018 Sankeisha [My name is Luck My friend]  Text and Illustrations Uyo Takayama



2020 12 Little Press [Me chan (Means Miss Me) ]  Text and Illustrations Uyo Takayama

*If anyone in the publishing industry is interested, please contact here so that she can send you a copy.

International Children’s Book Festival [NAMI CONCOURS 2021] Shortlisted (PictureBook [Me chan (Means Miss Me) : Text & Illustrations Uyo Takayama)

Then, dPICTUS [The Unpublished Picturebook Showcase 3] selected the English version of the picturebook [Me chan (Means Miss Me)]. Thank you very much. She wishes Me chan all the best on Me chan’s journey.



2021 11 Thousands of Books [Fluffy Riley and Little Elizabeth]  Text Sayaka Nakai / Illustrations Uyo Takayama / Based on the true story of Lisa Saunders. I was in charge of the painting. For more information, please click here.



Client Works


Matsuya Ginza (Department Store) Ginza Store /Asakusa Store/Matsumikai [Wall illustration/Poster/Leaflet/POP/Novelty/Newspaper advertisement/Digital signage]

LUMINE (Station Building Mall)Poster/DM/POP/Digital signage

GINZA SIX (Department Store)SIXIEME GINZA Original product illustration

GINZA SAYEGUSA in children’s clothes and lifestyle storeQuarterly catalog/Ginza Hyakuten(Ginza Shopping District Production Booklet)/Magazine advertisement/Package/Novelty/Original product/Window display/Wall illustration/Signboard

SAYEGUSA&GREENKotaki Nouveau LABEL /Kotaki White bottle label / ANA (Airline Company) original label]

Ginza YoshinoyaNewspaper color full-page advertisement/Ginza Hyakuten(Ginza Shopping District Production Booklet)/DM

JR East (Railway company)[Shinkansen train magazine]

Austrian Airlines [Newspaper color full-page advertisement/WEB]

Jaccs Card (Credit card company)Digital signage/Calendar/Advertisement/Novelty/Promotional Goods]

FAUCHON PARIS / Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. [Desktop picture for new product launch]

Lion Corporation [Character for animation advertisement (WEB/In-store Monitor/Cinead/Traffic Advertisement)]

Shimamura Music (Manufacture and sale of musical instruments and management of music schools)  [Poster for music classes] [Brochure cover for all music classes] [Music class commercials]

Beautiful Days (Imported fabric store)[Promotional Image Illustration (WEB/FACEBOOK/Novelty)]

I.D.E.A International (Product planning, manufacturing and sales company) [Quarterly catalog Cover and Inside page/DM/Agronatura Italy advertisement]

DHC (Manufacturer and distributor of cosmetics, supplements, pharmaceuticals and clothing)  [Catalogue (Olive Club), DHC selection, how is everyone?]

Sankei Living Newspaper [Monthly free booklet] Annual Monthly Cover

Tokyo Fashion College [School brochure] Cover and Inside page

Shirayuri Women’s University [School brochure] Cover [Open College DM]

PanaHome [Quarterly catalog]

Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd.ELLESHOPSALE DM

KANKYO STATION CORPORATIONASSET & FinanceCover of a quarterly magazine Monthly series

CRYSTA Nagahori (Station Building Mall)CristyleCover of a quarterly magazine Monthly series

Janssen Pharmaceutical K.K.Booklet] Cover and Inside page

All Japan Coffee Roasters AssociationCalendar] 2019 Edition

Nippon Television Network CorporationPamphlet] Musical[Annie 2019]

Aflo Co.,LtdAflo MallDesigner’s New Year’s card

Shibuya City [Vision for Industry and TourismFuture maps illustration maps



・Thousands of Books Picture book [Fluffy Riley and Little Elizabeth] Illustrations

Sankeisha Picture book [My name is Luck – my friend] Text and Illustrations

East Press [Teaching by a mother who brought up the University of Tokyo/Kyoto University, a paraphrase of magic when you get angry] Cover illustration

Seibundoshinkosha [Paris, dinner at the counter] Illustration

Nikkei Home Publisher [Nikkei Best Restaurant Guide] Cover and Inside page

Gijyutuhyoronsha [PC@Home: Word to create beautiful printed materials and your own book]Cover and all Inside page

Gijyutuhyoronsha [Nissho document certification test pass textbook] Cover illustration

Asa Publication [Teaching of “happiness” and “money” learned from Kahuna in Hawaii-Author: Louis Tatsuike”] Cover illustration

Access Publication [Lonely person alone: Author: Yuka Ito] Illustration / Digital signage

alc Publishing [Vocaville Marathon MUST] Cover illustration /[A Taste of Japan/Tea time Talk] illustration /[Become a Japanese teacher]/[Learn, Work and Play abroad a Life Abroad] [English Journal] Special Series

NHK Publishing [French on TV] Illustration

Yotsuya Otsuka [Dream Navi] Serial illustration

Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd. [ELLE a table] Serialization /[MODERN LIVING] Serialization /[MEN’S CLUB] Serialization/ [25ans] Spot

Starts Publishing [Oz Magazine] [Oz Wedding] [Underground Metro Metro Minutes]

World Culture Company [Delicious] Serialization

Bungeishunju [CREA]

Fuso Publishing [ESSE]

Art Publisher [Monthly BT/Art Notebook]

Magazine house [Tarzan] Cover illustration

Naigai Publication [Mercedes Club]

Yaesu Publishing [Hybrid Vehicle fan] [driver] Serialization



[Delonghi] WEB: Image illustration for Movie

[DIC COLOR & DESIGN, INC. Color-club.com Desktop picture

[Pana Home] Image illustration

[Ginza’s Sayegusa]Web/FaceBook/SAYEGUSA GREEN PROJECT HP


[EZwebau+KDDI (Paid WEB content) Stand-by image

[stylusau+KDDI Daily column illustration

[Shimamura Music] Music School

[ELLESHOP5th Anniversarry Video/ SALE banner

[CAFE DE CHAYAImage illustration

And others

There are other works that have not been published here (store decoration, works provided to cosmetics manufacturers, etc.), so please contact us if you are interested. We also have a digest PDF available.




<Main Clients (Advertising Agencies and Production Companies)>

*Customers are listed in the list of activities above.
Afro / Ampersand Globe  / Animal Suit / Asahi Advertising / CBK / Create J / Dentsu Live / Dentsu Tech /  DNP Communication Design / Recruit / Toppann insatsu / And others (Alphabetical order)


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