Uyo Takayama

Illustrator・ Picture book autor

Based in Kamakura-city Japan, Born and raised in Tokyo

Graduated from VANTAN Design Institute and completed PALETTE CLUB SCHOOL. After working as a fashion designer and graphic designer, became an illustrator. As an illustration job, I try to create warm things that are easy to understand and familiar with. My favorite motifs are animals and people. Personally, on instagram etc., I regularly upload the world I care about now. After listening to your requests, we would like to provide something that will not disappear in an instant as much as possible.


<Exhibition / Award / Media>
2000  CWC, the gallery[christmas from the heart Exhibition]
2001 PATER’S SHOP & GALLERY[PALETTE CLUB completion Exhibition]
2001 Mobile Art 2001[Stylus Award]
2001 au+KDDI[Stylus Gallery /Uyo Takayama Exhibition]
2002 ”MONDO FRAGILE”-new fashion illustrators from Italy and Japan
          -illustration book Published by HAPPY BOOKS, Italy.
2003 ”MONDO FRAGILE”-new fashion illustrators from Italy and Japan
          -exhibition Patrol exhibition in Milan, Rome and Bologna
2007 pict-web[iLLUSTRATiON BOOK PRO 01]publication of a work
2012 Genkosha[Fashion illustration File]publication of a work
2013 Genkosha[Illustration File]publication of a work
2013 Colors[Japan Creators 2014]publication of a work
2014 Genkosha[Character File]publication of a work
2014 Chapter 62 [2013 Asahi Advertising Award, Second Category Award] Client : Austrian Airlines
2017 Seibundoshinkosha[IllustNote]publication of a work
2019 Hakusensha[Monthly MOE]publication of a work
2020 artbook[ANIMAL2020]publication of a work

<Literary works>
2018 Sankeisha[My name is Luck My friend]Picture book publication

my name is luck - uyo takayama

2020 12 [Me chan (mean : Miss Me) ] Information coming soon  *If anyone in the publishing industry is interested, please contact us so that we can send you a dummy copy.

Picturebook[Mechan] UyoTakayama


Client Work

・Matsuya Ginza (Department Store) Ginza Store /Asakusa Store/Matsumikai [Wall illustration/Poster/Leaflet/POP/Novelty/Newspaper advertisement/Digital signage]
・LUMINE (Station Building Mall)[Poster/DM/POP/Digital signage]
・GINZA SIX (Department Store)[SIXIEME GINZA Original product illustration]
・GINZA SAYEGUSA in children’s clothes[Quarterly catalog/Ginza Hyakuten(Ginza Shopping District Production Booklet)/Magazine advertisement/Package/Novelty/Original product/Window display/Wall illustration/Signboard]
・SAYEGUSA&GREEN[Kotaki Nouveau LABEL /Kotaki White bottle label / ANA (Airline Company) original label]
・Ginza Yoshinoya[Newspaper color full-page advertisement/Ginza Hyakuten(Ginza Shopping District Production Booklet)/DM]
・JR East (Railway company)[Shinkansen train magazine]
・Austrian Airlines [Newspaper color full-page advertisement/WEB]
・Jaccs Card (Credit card company)[Digital signage/Calendar/Advertisement/Novelty/Promotional Goods]
・FAUCHON PARIS / Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. [Desktop picture for new product launch]
・Lion Corporation [Character for animation advertisement (WEB/In-store Monitor/Cinead/Traffic Advertisement)]
・Shimamura Gakki [Poster recruiting students for music classes] [Brochure cover for all music classes] [Music class commercials]
・Beautiful Days (Imported fabric store)[Promotional Image Illustration (WEB/FACEBOOK/Novelty)]
・I.D.E.A International[Quarterly catalog cover, middle surface/DM/Agronatura Italy advertisement]
・DHC [Catalogue (Olive Club), DHC selection, how is everyone?]
・Sankei Living Newspaper [Monthly free booklet] Annual Monthly Cover
・Cover and center of Tokyo Fashion College [school brochure]
・Shirayuri Women’s University [school brochure] Cover [Open College DM]
・PanaHome [Quarterly catalog]
・Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd.[ELLESHOP]SALE DM
・KANKYO STATION CORPORATION[ASSET & Finance]Cover of a quarterly magazine Monthly series
・CRYSTA Nagahori (Station Building Mall)[Cristyle]Cover of a quarterly magazine Monthly series
・Janssen Pharmaceutical K.K.[Leaflet] Cover and middle
・All Japan Coffee Roasters Association[Calendar] 2019 Edition
・Nippon Television Network Corporation[Pamphlet] Musical[Annie 2019]
・Aflo Co.,Ltd[Aflo Mall]Designer’s New Year’s card
・Shibuya City [Vision for Industry and Tourism]Future maps illustration maps

・Sankeisha Picture book [My name is Luck – my friend] Story and Picture
・East Press [Teaching by a mother who brought up the University of Tokyo/Kyoto University, a paraphrase of magic when you get angry] Cover illustration
・Seibundoshinkosha [Paris, rice at the counter] Illustration
・Nikkei Home Publisher [Nikkei Best Restaurant Guide] Cover illustration and inside illustration
・Gijyutuhyoronsha [PC@Home: Word to create beautiful printed materials and your own book]Cover illustration and inside illustration
・Gijyutuhyoronsha [Nissho document certification test pass textbook]
・Asa Publication [Teaching of “happiness” and “money” learned from Kahuna in Hawaii-Author: Louis Tatsuike”] Cover illustration
・Access/Publication [Lonely person alone: Author: Yuka Ito] Illustration / Digital signage
・alc Publishing [Vocaville Marathon MUST] Cover illustration /[A Taste of Japan/Tea time Talk] illustration /[Become a Japanese teacher]/[Learn, Work and Play abroad a Life Abroad] [English Journal] Special Series
・NHK Publishing [French on TV] Illustration
・Yotsuya Otsuka [Dream Navi] Serial illustration
・Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd. [ELLE a table] Serialization /[MODERN LIVING] Serialization /[MEN’S CLUB] Serialization/ [25ans] Spot
・Starts Publishing [Oz Magazine] [Oz Wedding] [Underground Metro Metro Minutes]
・World Culture Company [Delicious] Serialization
・Bungeishunju [CREA]
・Fuso Publishing [ESSE]
・Art Publisher [Monthly BT/Art Notebook]
・Magazine house [Tarzan] Cover illustration
・Naigai Publication [Mercedes Club]
・Yaesu Publishing [Hybrid Vehicle fan] [driver] Serialization

・[Delonghi] WEB: Image illustration for Movie
・[DIC COLOR & DESIGN, INC. ] Desktop picture
・[Pana Home] Image illustration
・[Ginza’s Sayegusa]web/FaceBook/SAYEGUSA GREEN PROJECT HP
・[EZweb]au+KDDI (Paid WEB content) Stand-by image
・[stylus]au+KDDI Daily column illustration
・[Shimamura Musical Instrument] Music School
・[ELLESHOP]5th Anniversarry Video/ SALE banner
・[CAFE DE CHAYA]Image illustration

There are other works that have not been published here (store decoration, works provided to cosmetics manufacturers, etc.), so please contact us if you are interested.